Many Corporate B2B Marketers include a TradeShow or a live event as part of their strategy. Both are effective for brand recognition and can turn out great results when done correctly.

I am sure you’ve attended a trade show and seen for yourself the variations that occur on the show floor. Some booths have great visuals with a supporting cast of beautiful leave behinds and promotions, the energy is high, and you know something cool is going because of the curiosity and large crowds it attracts.

Then there are the others, just a simple booth surrounded with bored looking staff who would rather be anywhere else then representing the business they work for.

Not all companies will benefit from a Tradeshow, in fact, more than half that go it alone find that they did not get the results they wanted for the money they’ve spent. With proper planning and a solid strategy, you can enjoy the rewards of a successful show.

When you work with the SOLUTIONS CENTER EXPERTS you can expect the following:

By planning in advance, we will analyze and design your pre-and post-show marketing plan by considering all aspects of the show and managing expectations. We will assist you in developing an after show plan to get the most out of your leads.

What’s your reason for being there? New product or service launch or just generating a buzz for your brand? In either case, we will help you define your objectives, so you get the most out of the show experience.

We don’t believe in waiting until the last minute to start generating excitement about the event. Trade Show Solutions Center utilizes all the tools under the marketing umbrella to design a custom marketing plan for your business. We employ every aspect of Print, Social Media, Internet, and PR to drive traffic and help you follow up after the show is over.

The success of your show can depend on where you are, on the show floor. TSSC will help analyze the layout of the space and help you choose a location that will encourage high engagement opportunities.

Our graphic artists and marketing experts will help you design an impactful booth. You have only seconds to attract someone, and we are committed to helping you make a statement.

We coach you and your staff on how to enthusiastically connect with show attendees. We ensure the strategies developed in the planning stage are executed on show day. You only a short time to create an impression so this is critical. We can also assist in developing creative experiences such as contests and promotions that engage to help you reach those goals.

This is where many miss the mark. You don’t want to let all this hard work go to waste by neglecting your leads when the show is over. Let us help you develop a nurturing campaign that can help take these warm leads and turn them into customers. Our experienced staff will help develop specific marketing initiatives designed to sell. If you only need the blueprint that’s great, but we can help you execute as well.

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