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Trade Show Services

Our job is to make sure your trade show is an affordable and efficient experience. To make this possible, we'll work closely together before, during, and after the show to maximize results. You can rest assured that we'll get the most out of your marketing budget, whether your trade show is on a local, regional, national or international stage.

Show Site Administration Services

Our site administration services are affordable and comprehensive. Our team will manage everything related to moving-ins and move-outs, and also offers safe storage for your belongings. Other aspects of your trade show we oversee include:

  • Booth Space Selection
  • Booth Space Contracts
  • Payment Schedules
  • Shipping
  • Carpet
  • Electric
  • Installation & Dismantle

Move-In Day Services

We make sure all materials and booth components arrive safely and on time. Because we're familiar with many major trade show venues, we're able to provide you with support teams, proving it's not what you know, but who you know when it comes to getting results.

Installation & Dismantle Services

Because we care about your budget and success, we take care of the installation and dismantling process. Planning for different components of your booth begins as soon as we begin designing it. To ensure we have all of the information we need, we make sure common questions are answered, like how many cases the exhibit will use and much it weighs. We also need to know how the parts are marked so that the installation and dismantle run efficiently, whether each case has a listing, and whether the set-up crew has access to the information before they open the crate.

Show Booths

Show Booths

Move-Out Day Services

When it's time to move out, we'll pack everything the same way it arrived. We also assist with split shipments and special instructions, leaving you more time to focus on turning new prospects into new customers.

Safe Storage

No matter how many trade shows you do each year, we offer storage and staging solutions at our warehouse facilities. We'll handle everything from auditing invoices and managing disputes. Our team always works with a commitment to accountability.

Rental Packages

Our rental packages are just another way to make your business successful at trade shows. They include pre-show and post-show mailings, email follow-ups for show leads, and web presentations for in-booth or website linking.

Service Flexibility

For your benefit, we offer services on an a la carte basis, or you can choose from turnkey solutions or customizable programs. You can set up an annual program with us or utilize our services on a per-project basis.

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